Monday, March 10, 2008

gym class hero.

Pic from Jer's Crossfit Zone Blog

Besides going to the gym to get healthy and work out, I really only go because it's an excuse to listen to my iPod. It's been many a strange workouts when I haven't had it (or it died on me) and I've had to listen to whatever 24 Hour Fitness was playing, or listen to other people breathing hard and running on treadmills. Not even the sounds of Yellowcard (I know) could drown that out. Having music playing really does get me moving faster and makes the time go by really easily. Listening to the iPod works in two ways: I work out and listen to music. Multi-tasking is a beautiful thing.

Now, this isn't a post where I give health tips or tell you about how "fabulous" my gym is (it's pretty mundane like all the rest of them, I suppose). I am nowhere near qualified to give any kind of health tips besides telling others that a cupcake a day doesn't keep the doctor away.

But, I do feel that I am qualified to give tips on the ultimate music playlist. How many times have I read an article in a health/fitness magazine, and they give the absolute lamest playlist? I look at the titles of the songs, and I'm like, "This is supposed to get me motivated?" Hell to the no.

Other than the typical artists that are suitable for workout music (Gwen Stefani's "Love.Angel.Music.Baby.," anything by Britney Spears that isn't stupid, some Black Eyed Peas songs), here's what has made it to my list:

- "Rumpshaker" by Wrexx N Effect: What else gets you moving than someone telling you to shake your rump?
- "The New Workout Plan" by Kanye West: I'm kinda-sorta over this song (because I skip over it now), but the end part is actually what keeps you moving. I also like it when he shouts "Double time!" much like Jane Fonda or Kathy Smith would in the days of yore.
- "Bebot" by the Black Eyed Peas: The beat wins you over. Also good for us Filipino people who don't speak Tagalog well, or at all. You learn AND you exercise.
- "Beat It" by Michael Jackson: It's badass, and it's a classic. I also recommend "Smooth Criminal," but sometimes it can be a little too slow for me.
- "Toy Soldier" by Britney Spears: I didn't really like this song at first, but after hearing it in a shoe store in NY (haha), I got over her wannabe sexy/cutesy voice, and gave in. The soldier beat during the bridge is the kicker. Also good from the "Blackout" album is "Hot As Ice."
- "Maneater" by Nelly Furtado: Synthesizer + beats = cool for the elliptical. Haha. I also enjoy this nice mash-up of this song and The Killers' "Somebody Told Me." (find it on YouTube)

Now that you've got somewhat of a basis of workout songs, it's time for you to go crazy and make your own.

Further reading: Brlliant Playlists (Macworld) - this is pretty old (2005), but it has the right idea.
Certain songs found from typing them into: Project Playlist (what a beautiful site)



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