Tuesday, March 18, 2008

random tv thoughts - from LOST to Hell's Kitchen and beyond!

Jin's grave? Noooooooo....

- "Lost" has been good lately. Not bad for a show that was in the can about a season and a half ago with its Dharma Initiative-obsessed storylines that were turning viewers off. But really, was I one of the only few who really liked it when they got all mythological about things? What about all those stations that were on the blast door map? What's up with the rest of The Others? I care, ABC. I. Care.

- "Hell's Kitchen" is coming back (April 1st), but originally just to fill the void of there being no written television. Now that it's on before it's usual summer airdate, this leaves me pleased that it is on really soon, yet, what the hell am I supposed to watch in the summer? Certainly not anything stupid.

- "The Office" is coming back. There are no words. None.

- The big news of the week is Britney Spears doing "How I Met Your Mother." Photos of her on the set have been released, and all I can say is that she looks really happy and upbeat and normal, which is better than she's looked in years. I know she did "Will & Grace" about two years ago, and she looked happy and upbeat and semi-normal there, but there's something in the air this time. Can't wait to see what goes down.

- I said I wasn't into American Idol this year, but I admit that yesterday I was up until about 1:30am watching back video of all of the contestants this year (in part due to boredom). My favorites are:
  1. David Archuleta - this shouldn't be a "real surprise," but this kid has killer pipes and he's such a cutie pie.
  2. Jason Castro - he appeals to me because he has dreads and talks like he has possibly smoked a lot of weed ... I mean, he's really laid back and awesome. And that story he told about ripping a dread out of his head was just too funny.
  3. Carly Smithson - I loved it when she sang "Come Together." She's also Irish and has a cool accent.
  4. David Cook - I really liked that emo-tastic "Hello" he did. Too bad he's a biter.
- My least favorite American Idols:
  1. Amanda Overmeyer - I get that she's rocking the "rock chick" thing, but her hair gives me a headache, as well as her voice. It always looks like she's getting ready to puke, too. Not my cup of tea.
  2. David Hernandez - He's gone already, but he just reminds me of this guy I don't like.
  3. Danny Noriega - Also gone. I did like his audition, but he tended to be a little too much on the flashy side for me. Good voice, though. Nice hair.
- AI's that make me go "meh:"
  1. Ramiele Malubay - Yeah, woo hoo, Filipino people. However, I agree with the judges in that she's picking a lot of "safe" choices and it's getting b-to-the-oring. She has a good voice, but she needs to stretch it out a little bit, otherwise people are just going to forget about her.
  2. Michael Johns - He's like the grandpa of the group, btw. He's hot and everything, but when he busted out with "Wake Me Up Before You Go Go" I just thought that was a big fat no-no.
  3. Syesha Mercado - I didn't think her "Saving All My Love For You" rendition was all that great, and it sounded like kareoke. Meh.
- I watched some of "Dancing With The Stars" tonight and caught Mario dancing. What a hottie pie.

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