Monday, March 31, 2008

from the bin: "Before I Speak" by Kyle Riabko

While filling up my iPod with some of my favorites, I came across some old $1.99 albums. What better way to bring back From the Bin, even though I've technically only done one installment so far.

Brief Intro: I bought "Before I Speak" because I was heavily into Ryan Cabrera for about five minutes. I thought I should venture out and find something else to obsess over that was very similar to Cabrera, and when I saw this album on sale, I decided to get it. Also what caught my eye about Kyle is that he is on the same label as John Mayer, so I thought I couldn't have gone wrong. Only the best for me.

Brief Bio: He sings... he now apparently acts! Well, more is here on the official bio.

Upon first listen...: I didn't like it. I kept skipping from song to song, hoping that I'd get my fix of some Ryan Cabrera-like stylings, but instead I turned it off. It went on my shelf of a thousand CDs.

Upon second listen...: I didn't give it the chance it deserved. I guess I was looking for some Ryan Cabrera in this guy a little too much, due to their similarities (guitar playing cute guys). Now as I listen to it almost two years later (yes... two years), it has somewhat of an edge on Ryan's first album. Kyle is less pop, but his album sort of builds a bridge between pop and ...jazz (contemporary jazz). There, I said it, even though some might not think so, but I think some of the arrangements have the elements, as well as elements of funk and the blues. It's very interesting, and considering how old he was at the time of the recording (barely out of high school)... dare I say, but it's very "way ahead of its time."

Songs to check out: "What Did I Get Myself Into" (I love this one because it's tinged with the blues), "Carry On"

Final thoughts: A lot of my final thoughts were stated in my "second listen," but now I feel super judgy for not giving Kyle Riabko the chance he deserved. I do like this album, and can't wait to see what he comes out with next.

Worth the $1.99?: Yes, upon a second, careful listen.

Buy it at: Amazon.
More info: mySpace

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