Thursday, April 10, 2008

Louross is BOSS.

I don't know about anyone else, but this season of "Hell's Kitchen" has literally kicked my ass. While watching the season premiere there was a certain contestant that stole my heart immediately.

His name? Lou Ross. Or Louross... something or other. What a spunky monkey. It's not just the hair, the nicely shaped brows or hipster glasses, or that I don't give a damn attitude, but I just loved how he was ready to take over. In the season premiere, I liked it when he took charge and Gordon Ramsay made him captain. He owned it. BOSS ALL THE WAY. He's my surefire winner because he knows what he's doing, can be in control, and seems to like it when Ramsay gives him hell.

The only person I would think could give him a run for his money? That other guy with the hipster glasses ... Ben. He won them the halibut challenge, seemed like he was in control and knew what to do as well. If there were two guys in the end, it'd be Ben and Louross.

As for the women, I like Corey. She's the only one who's shown any kind of personality that isn't showy or super bossy. Though I did feel bad when she called out Christina ... but I later took it back because she started crying. Cry baby. As for Jen, the one who talks too much, I'm just waiting for her to get booted off. "AND I worked in Belgium..." Who. Cares. She also comes off as a tattle tale.

Visit: Hell's Kitchen (Fox)
Watch: episodes are available on Hulu, my new best friend.
Photo credit: Louross's mySpace!!!

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update dangit!

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your wish is my command, kid.


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