Wednesday, May 30, 2007

greatest hits.

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While I loathe and despise season finales, I have to give it up to Carlton Cuse and Damon Lindelof for never disappointing me, and making this the best season since the first. There are a lot of questions that got answered, and a lot of new ones that were posed, and all I can say is: I can't wait until February. I haven't been this interested in television since "Night Court" was on the air. (Kidding. Maybe "Silver Spoons" or "Full House.") 2010 is far, far away, but the anticipation for the series finale is getting to me ... can't wait to be surprised! EEEEEE.

I had a lot of favorite moments during the third season, but my ultimate favorite came during "Greatest Hits." (SPOILERS ARE FOLLOWING ... DO NOT READ BELOW UNLESS YOU SAW THE EPISODE! And for the love of Pete, catch up already!) Charlie dives down to The Looking Glass station, and when you think this is the end for our rockstar hero, he comes to find that it's not a flooded station, but one that's working! And these two crazy chicks with guns are pissed off and stuff. Awesome.

Anyway? My favorite shot was of his shoes floating in the water, the immortal Off The Wall Vans checker slip-ons. Call it symbolism, call it the ultimate ad for the legendary shoes, whatever. I just loved the way that played out. He was probably one of my favorite characters on "Lost" because of the character background: sweet and humble rockstar turned bad by drugs. On the island, he found some redemption ... why, oh why can't I be on an island? I'm kidding.

Also, his list -- his "greatest hits." I bet it inspired a lot of people to sit down and write their greatest hits, too. It kind of inspired me, but I'll write them down later. Four (out of five) hasn't seemed to happen yet.


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But in sadder news, "Veronica Mars," which is another one of my shows has been cancelled, or so they say. I hate how networks take great shows and try to retool them to "make them better." How else are you going to make a show like "Veronica Mars" better than it already is? To put it plainly: eff that.


Other TV things I find wonderful:
- the season finale of "Brothers & Sisters" and a certain pantry scene ... hee.
- "Dancing with the Stars" winner Apolo Anton Ohno
- the fact that "Hell's Kitchen" will premiere June 4th.
- "Late Night With Conan O'Brien" ... even if it is in reruns this week.

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