Wednesday, June 20, 2007

general hospiTALE: seriously, WTF?

Pic courtesy of Wikipedia.
Also, this shot is from the 1984 credits, which quite frankly looks lame but who cares.

While I love me some soapy goodness, and have since I was probably five (Y&R with Grandma), I have come to realize that soaps are nothing but that: soapy goodness. Ludicrous, gratuitous, conspicuous (?) soapy goodness.

I admit it: I have had an on-and-off again love affair with "General Hospital." Over the years it has thrilled me, disappointed me, thrilled me, bored me to death, disappointed me for probably three years straight, and then thrilled me once again. I suppose it's me being co-dependent on a world that does not exist, but then again, I just think that sometimes the stories that they come up with reel me in (case in point: the monkey epidemic that briefly brought back Robert Scorpio and Anna Devane, Laura waking up for a minute, Patrick and Robin, etc).

If there was a character that I had to pick as my all-time favorite, it is the wonderful Lucky Spencer. The son of the legendary Luke and Laura, he was cute, fun, and oh so dreamy. This was when he was played by Jonathan Jackson, my first true teeny bopper crush (if you don't count Mike Myers. He was cute by default of being so damn funny). And quite frankly, if you asked me a couple of years ago who my favorite female character was, you know damn well I would have said Elizabeth "Lizzie" Webber.

And now ... here's the problem: I don't like Lizzie anymore. Why? Because she has become the epitome of what's wrong with most soap characters these days by the sheer fact that she has not been held accountable for ANYTHING (at least not lately). My god, do you know how many free passes this chick has been given? Hmm, leaving some dude in a burning building to die while pregnant with his child? Check. Lying about the paternity of your newborn son in order to "save" your husband? Check. Lied to the real father only to tell him the truth when you thought you were going to die? Check. Lying every day? CHECK, CHECK, CHECK. I would like to recall a line uttered by Lizzie herself back in the day when she was seen as underdog #1 compared to her saint of a sister Sarah: "What is she, the poster girl for perfection?"

My answer? No. I frankly think that the writers of GH have not only destroyed Lizzie, but in fact, destroyed Lucky in the process. Yeah, he was addicted to painkillers. Why? Because some hussy named Maxie Jones has been in love with him since she was a kid and the only way that she could get him to notice her was to feed him drugs. Yes, this caused Lucky to lie, cheat, steal, you name it. And hell, Lizzie has never let him forget about it. Lucky, so blinded by his love for Lizzie finally came to the realization that the drugs were no good, so he quit and did everything to change his life around. Meanwhile, Lizzie slept with Jason "the Borg" Morgan out of spite when seeing Lucky and Maxie together, thus creating Jacob Martin (oh, how clever you are Lizzie). She then convinced herself that she didn't want to be with Lucky OR Jason, and decided that she would be on her own. But then Lucky, bless his heart, decided that he couldn't fight for her anymore. He wanted to let her go. Free pass dished by Lucky? I THINK SO.

But NO. Lizzie took this as a "For the first time I saw that boy I fell in love with" sign and decided that she wanted to marry him again. Why, oh why Lizzie? You had a free pass! You didn't have to tell Jason (yet) and you didn't have to tell Lucky. But no, you just had to complicate shit. Great. Fan-tastic.

So you can imagine me feeling absolutely no sympathy when Baby Jake got kidnapped. okay, I know. A child being kidnapped is terrible, of course, but this is the soap world, so I think I get a free pass (my first since Lizzie has hogged all of them). Lizzie of course blames.. Okay, herself, and all I could do was laugh when Lucky blamed her too! Hahaha! That's right, Lizzie. YOU did this to Jake. Meanwhile, the borg finds out that his kid has been kidnapped and he emotes the same way a breadstick can: crummy, but still firm. The story is still ongoing, but I have a feeling Baby Jake will turn up soon enough. However, heads are turning towards a certain someone who knows that the baby is Jason's ... hmm ... a certain disgruntled girlfriend perhaps? ... (I find myself feeling sorry for Sam, by the way. Never thought I would see the day that I would side with her rather than Lizzie. That's how I know it's bad.)

But how I feel about Lucky and Lizzie has depressed me far beyond I could have ever dreamed of. I remember their love in the early stages, and now it's all shot to hell. I suppose Lizzie always felt this obligation to Lucky, hence the "boy I fell in love with" remark, especially since he practically "saved" her after her brutal rape on a cold Valentine's night. But of course, as bad as Lizzie was, she couldn't resist the badass charms of Jason Morgan; I suppose Lucky always knew that she felt drawn to him. Now there's this triangle that has been created out of that history, and I suppose it makes for a compelling storyline, but at the same time, a part of me just wants to go through the screen and ring their necks. The lies are what truly get me because how on earth did Lizzie come to the conclusion that passing someone else's baby off as Lucky's would make everything right? Not only does it shut out the true father, but it just makes the whole situation more complicated---to a point where the truth explodes out of nowhere and ruins many lives. All the while, this makes for good television as I witness someone's world spiraling into a black abyss.

Anyway. That's how I feel about the whole thing.

Visit: General Hospital Happenings, Clarissa's GH Screencaps (where most of the screencaps are from), GH @ Wikipedia

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Tuesday, June 12, 2007

mika @ the fillmore, 6/9

Oh, what a night ...

I can't believe it. I didn't expect to still be doing this at my age, but there's nothing more exhilarating than being in a crowd of sweaty, sweaty young screaming teenagers. But even more better: going to concerts. It seems so long ago when I went to my first concert back in 1998 (a late bloomer), something called the Jingle Jam. It was a fun experience, but my heart knew that there could be more.

Anyway, fast forward almost ten years later and dozens and dozens of concerts later, and you would have come to last Saturday where it seemed like every concert I've ever been to felt like horseshit compared to the Mika concert I experienced at The Fillmore. Possibly one of my favorite venues ever (well, just because they offer free cold apples and sometimes the trademark concert posters), and probably one I loathe as well due to it being standing room only. You could feel the vibrations on the hardwood floors. And I'm not being overdramatic or poetic or anything; the floor was literally shaking, and this was due to everyone getting restless at some point waiting for the show to begin and waiting for him to come back out for an encore.

Dressed in some update of John Travolta's "Saturday Night Fever" getup, I felt like I was watching some 70s disco star strut his stuff through smoke and lights-- damn, I felt it. I felt every note he sang, and I felt like I was in the presence of a superstar. I couldn't put my finger on it, but for the love of me, Mika is pure magic. He's theatrical, spontaneous, flamboyant ... whatever describes anyone who loves to put on a big show. Every move he made caused me to scream and reach my hand out, hoping that he would reach out for me, too. It was very surreal and off-putting.

The set-list was full of all the songs everyone knows, from "Grace Kelly" to "Erase" ... the ballads gave everyone a moment to take time to rest from all the jumping and such, all of which everyone swayed in unison. I, however, took the time to just stare at him as he clinked away on his piano. Couldn't take my eyes off him during the whole thing, and that scares me a little.

My favorite moments came during the obvious songs. During "Big Girl (You Are Beautiful)" he grinded up on a well-endowed burlesque dancer, much to the delight of everyone around him. There was even a moment during "Love Today" where he started pounding on a garbage can, literally beating the sh*t out of it. It was loud, but damn, it was good. As he tossed the drumsticks away from me, I frowned. Boo. Hand it to the people in front!

The encore was another thing. I figure that if I was high, I probably would have been freaking out when I saw Mika and the band coming out in animal costumes. The bunny then proceeded to hit all of them with drumsticks (a trend, yes), but before that they danced in a circle. But then they broke out into my favorite song, "Lollipop" and balloons fell from the sky, as well as bubbles and confetti. The crowd went wild. It kind of reminded me of the last scene in "Star Wars: Episode I" when Natalie Portman hands someone a bubble. Don't ask why.

I don't know how to comprehend the show, but if I can reference the album, it was like a cartoon. Life in Cartoon Motion? Yes. But I love, love, LOVED this show. It was surreal, it was magnificent, and damn, it was good.

More pics (from the crap that is my camera phone):

More Mika!

Opening act Sara Bareilles. She was awesome. Watch out for this one.

Attack of the bunny!

Dancing in their circle. Ha!

Visit: Show review from the SF Chronicle, Mika (Official Site), Sara Bareilles

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Saturday, June 09, 2007

notes from the underground:

(aka stuff on the web I stumbled upon/like/shocked me/etc.)

- Someone found a love letter in a Grateful Dead Family Album. I'm in love with whomever wrote it.
- The Defenders of Stan is now up to Episode 8. Hooray!
- Coverage of Paris Hilton crying continues! But damnit, I haven't seen a video of her crying mommy yet ... YouTube for the first time ever, is useless. (By the way, I missed my local news coverage of the whole thing, being out having a life and all. Ha.)
- Tony Thompson of Hi-Five died June 1st. Color me shocked. And sad.
- Always been a Rosie O'Donnell fan because she's fascinating to me. However, not a fan of the blonde chick that pretty much made her leave quickly. It seems that she is now taking on the role of outspoken loudmouth. Muwahaha.
- Tell me you don't remember this guy.


Saturday, June 02, 2007

deadly obsession?

For the past couple of nights now I have been tearing my house apart. Because of my recent graduation, the house has been a complete mess -- not just because I've been going crazy with projects, but also because in order for the place to get clean (for impending company), everything has to get pushed around as well. Basically, everything that I own was on the floor at some point and then put in its rightful place.

Or so I thought.

I'll admit it: I'm obsessed with post-it notes. Not just regular post-it notes, but the cool ones from Knock Knock which are sold at local Urban Outfitters stores if you're curious. A friend of mine bought these awesome post-it notes from them and they've peaked my interest. Now I can't go a day without using one in my planner, which I probably don't need anymore since I don't have school. But like everything else I have, I figure I need it.

Anyway. I can't find my "To Do" post-its, and it's driving me MAD. I think it particularly sucks that I have a need for this, especially at a time I actually need it. It's one thing when I don't and I force myself to use something (like when you buy food and realize the day before it expires that it's going to expire, so you eat it). But I want to use it ... NOW!!!

So, these wonderful post-its probably ended up:
1) in the trash
2) somewhere in a pile of crap
3) in the elusive "black hole"

If it ended up in the trash, I would be seriously devastated. If it's in a pile of crap, at least I know it's somewhere safe (much like when I can't find my credit card and I know it's in the house somewhere because I would never take it out). If it has "accidentally" landed in the middle of nothing, I guess I could just buy another one. But I reeeeeally want my old one. Really.

I also want the ones that say "Complaint," "Please," and "Or Else." Sure, I could probably just have regular post-its, but where's the fun in those except that they come in different colors? I guess I just like novelty post-its. Novelty in general. Does it make me a novelist? Oh god, I hope it does.

Visit: KnockKnock (all post-its)