Monday, October 23, 2006!

Here are my Technorati, and my accounts. I'm still working on putting everything together on it (links and stuff), but for some reason, I'm having a hard time putting links up. Meaning: I don't know what to put. Yeah, I realize putting stuff you like is the way to go, but I never realized that I only liked maybe a few websites, as opposed to a lot. Or maybe I just hate having to link things on the page when I already have them on my browser? None the less, it's good for when I'm on another computer and I forget the exact website to something. I could just log in and get the link right away instead of doing a search. I'm adding sites on deeeeeelishious whenever I see something on the main page I like, which is how I found Uncommon Body. There are no pictures or anything, but I love the information. It's very interesting.

Eh. Anyway, it's a work in progress. Check back later.

Monday, October 09, 2006

my three subscriptions.

The Google Reader is genius! I love it... everything is at my fingertips. Sort of. Anyway, here are my three:

  • The Leaky Cauldron: This is my first stop for anything Harry Potter related. Sometimes I'll be bored and I'll just kind of look through everything here. And, with the new pictures from the fifth movie, my interest has been sparked again. So I always give this place a visit. I love how they post news, rumors, etc. If you're a HP fan you probably already know about this site. If not... get with it! ;)
  • Pink Is the New Blog: My daily celebrity gossip/humor/whatever site, which I mentioned on my first blog ... it took me forever to find his feed, though. It's on the sidebar with all the other little icons and advertisments, which I had to rustle through a little bit. I look forward to the pictures mostly.
  • I had to be on the up and up with celebrity gossip for my internship last semester, and one of the sites I looked at a lot (and discovered) was this one. I especially liked looking at Gawker Stalker, which is this crazy thing where people send in tips about where celebrities have been spotted. The exact time, exact place, who they are with, and it gets marked on a MapQuest-looking map. Creepy, but strangely, I cannot look away.... oh yeah, and it's really just Manhattan based. I don't seem to mind.
And ... that is all. The Google Reader is good when I don't feel like going to a whole bunch of sites. As for RSS and whatever, I feel like I'm getting addicted. And if a site doesn't have a feed, I go NUTS.

Monday, October 02, 2006

*crickets chirping*


Cobwebs have formed inside my head because I don't know what would be cool to do for a final project. I suppose it should be something that a) isn't too hard and b) will enjoy doing.

............ okay! I guess I came up with something. My sister is always talking about these guys that do Diggnation. Basically, they're two guys who talk about stuff on the web, or totally go off on tangents while drinking beers. I could try to do something like that, or at least I think that would be fun.

Also, I guess I've had this in my head for a while, but I've always wanted to start up my own website which would be like an "artist collective." It was originally an idea for me to have some sort of resume up on the web complete with all the writing stuff I've done, but it kind of bloomed into something else during the summer. I was thinking about just featuring artists on there, their work and other things ... kind of act like a host for their own resumes/work/etc. Most of the artists would be local, and the "artists" I speak of could be musicians, painters, sculptors, writers, photographers ... whatever is considered creative. I also planned to possibly have something like a podcast on there, in which I interviewed or talked to one of the featured artists. Another thing was to have my friend's recorded journals from his recent trip to the Philippines, or maybe host a podcast that he was trying to get started. But now ... I don't really know. I figure this is more of an outside thing (like non-school related), and I have no idea how to really make it interactive ... besides letting people comment on what they like or don't, or having a forum for other artists to be in touch with each other, la, la, la.

Or ... I could just make another YouTube!!! I'm kidding. I'm just ... drawing a blank on the project. I need ideas!!!